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Karen Shayne – KarenShayne.com  and NewFocusDaily.com

Karen Shayne is a former healthcare administrator and developer.  In 2005, Karen’s work brought her to Nashville Tennessee. She began her work in production by creating award-winning healthcare segments for Nashville based CBS and NBC.  She was also featured in HuffPost, AOL/Yahoo, People Magazine, Nashville Business Journal, Hope For Women Magazine, The Doctors Channel, Healthline, and ABC Chicago. Karen also hosted a radio show on Salem Media Network. In 2012, Karen created the Women Survivors Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit with the purpose of the establishing a network where women affected by cancer can find their voice, improve their quality of life, and embrace their journey.  Today, Karen travels around the country finding stories that inspire and motivate.  She also is the Publisher of New Focus Daily Magazine and Host/Executive Producer of the series, global storytelling movement, UNTOLD. Karen has been recognized for multiple awards ranging from 2011’s Health Care Hero by the Nashville Business Journal and the 2003 Small Business Council of America’s “Humanitarian of The Year” award.Simply, Karen has proven understanding every aspect of a survivor because she is a survivor. Karen’s extensive background in media production has lead to the creation of the UNTOLD project.


Lorna Dancey – Lorna Dancey Photography
As a social impact photographer, Lorna Dancey empowers people through her unique photography coupled with her genuine style of writing, that inspires hope and change in the world. Lorna has the ability to capture the essence of truth in a world of unspoken and silent topics that relate to mental health, domestic abuse, cancer, homelessness and PTSD. This led Dancey to create the Scars project, State of Mind project, the Skin-Deep project and the Silent Scream project. Lorna has interviewed and photographed over 200 individuals to draw attention and to help remove the stigma surrounding these very important topics. These topics consist of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, cancer and much more in hopes of helping others who struggle to not feel so alone and realize they matter; and in doing so, Lorna is able to give a face to those who suffer in silence and for us all to realize we are not alone. There is help and there is hope and we all need to advocate for those who cannot. To be good humans and show compassion and kindness to those who are struggling every day, to create a movement of more compassion and less judgment. Lorna empowers individuals through her unique photography coupled with her genuine style of writing, that inspires hope and change in the world. She has photographed New York Fashion Show 2018, Push For Change 2017, Santa Claus Clothes 2016, Rio Olympic Trials 2016 & Edmonton Rock Festival 2016. She has personally created multiple photographic projects that revolve around the essence of truth in a world of unspoken and silent topics: The Scars Project, The State Of Mind Project, The Skin-Deep Project and The Silent Scream Project.