Joy Filled Jen

I thought I was a fairly strong woman before March 8, 2012 with all I had been through in my life. Then I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer, which is the day my journey to being an even stronger woman that I could ever imagine began. It was a journey of tears, emotional pain, physical pain, joy, laughter, and sadness; drawing closer to God and my friends and my family. A journey I wouldn’t trade for anything.In walking out the journey of Breast Cancer I found an inner strength, with God’s help, that I didn’t know I had. I found an inner beauty that shined brighter than ever (even with a bald head). Along the way, I met incredible people on my treatment team, all of whom took a part in saving my life. I met other beautiful women walking this same journey, and we are now friends for life. We didn’t choose the journey, but we found strength in each other’s’ stories along the way.At the beginning of this journey my prayer was, “God, if you are going to allow this in my life, I want you to use my story in a big way. I want anyone who knows me or knows of me to be impacted by how I walk this out.” That prayer has been answered over and over again. So many people have told me that the way I have walked out this journey has truly inspired them. Especially when it comes to facing challenges in life. This makes every tear and every pain worth it.This journey I have walked has led me to my destination of survivorship! It is here where I have learned to love more deeply, to not take even the smallest things in life for granted. I have learned what it means to fully rely on God. I have a deeper appreciation for life; it is so fragile. I now know there is NOTHING that I can’t conquer. I have a deeper seeded joy because of being a survivor that I would have never had without this journey.I thank God that I am a survivor! Cancer didn’t take my life! Neither did a motorcycle accident that I had between Chemo and Radiation where I broke both of my legs. I am stronger, I care deeper, I smile bigger, and love life more than ever. I am forever changed in amazing ways because of all of this.