Karen Shayne, an American cancer survivor and media personality, accompanied by social impact Canadian photojournalist, Lorna Dancey, whose ‘Scars Project’ and “State of Mind” storytelling exhibit attracted national attention, together criss-cross countries to find extraordinary stories within the ordinary, everyday lives of people and share them with the world.

Karen and Lorna applaud the unsung heroes of our world, providing them a safe place to remove their masks allowing them to create a deeper connection with the reader, ultimately bringing them hope.

Armed with a video crew, these two women uncover stories that go beyond the headlines and inside the homes and hearts of the people ready and vulnerable enough to share their pain, joy and humanity.

Each episode will be a photographic and cinematic experience that will entertain, inspire and create conversation about what it really means to be alive.

Multi-Emmy winner, Marcia Mule’, will produce and direct the series lending her years of experience as a creative force in the television industry.  She has created and produced programming for PBS, Bravo, Lifetime, HGTV, VH1, Travel Channel, Food Network and many more national programmers.