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Untold Image by Lorna Dancey
  • John. Gentle John. Loved people, loved life, and loved Jesus. I spent many hours with this sweet man. He became to me the brother that I craved and prayed for. You see, I have seven brothers (and four sisters), but they live so far away...

Campus Diaries

A division of the UNTOLD project as a mental health awareness campaign within a campus community and designed for the purpose of resonating with any student who has faced a challenge, crisis, or difficult patch through the college years.

  • Dear Diary, I finally have hope. The stress with this election and the horrific behavior from so many (on both sides) has almost been too much to me while I am trying so hard to keep my head above water with staying safe and away...

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UNTOLD is a global storytelling movement mining the unknown tales of humanity. UNTOLD exposes the remarkable stories of ordinary people-- giving voice to life’s diverse experiences, challenges and vulnerabilities in a mission that unites us all.
  • In 2011, according to the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention 20,593 women in the United States were diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is important because in October 2011, I was one of thos

  • A beautiful story of courage by Lorna Dancey about a Canadian man whom she met through Jodi, an inspirational woman who offers family support through the Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society . He

  • Dear Diary, I am not sure what I am facing. Is this natural anxiety or health anxiety I should be worried about?  I feel all this emotion is a manifestation of these college changes, and maybe even my own unhealthy lifestyle. It’s college, right? So,...

  • In September 2018, I had my first positive pregnancy test. A few short weeks later I saw a tiny heartbeat on a screen and knew with every fiber of my being that I was now a mother. I spent my pregnanc

  • Dear Diary, After getting out of a year-long, verbally abusive relationship, I decided to download Tinder (pre-Covid) when I returned to college at MTSU. It was fun at first. I was meeting wonderful people and having fun, with nothing serious expected on either end. It...

  • For months, her family lived in fear of the airstrikes and bombing that was destroying their Country. The war was impacting more than their land. It had a significant impact on their agriculture and t