Dear Diary,

I’m a adult now. I’m feeling like everyday is the same wake up do homework and sleep sometimes you forget to even eat. I now understand the saying ramen noddle becomes your best friend in college.Sometimes you forget what day your even on because life’s become the same routine. It’s adult life they say your not a kid anymore. Your friends start to become strangers you don’t see them like you did everyday in high school but that’s adulthood all you need now is yourself. The only thing I could remember 11:59 that’s when your assignments are due 11:59 becomes one of the most important things in life a time defines whether you lose or win in life. Are we even learning nowadays? When did school become more about submitted work then actually learning it. You get asked how’s College you pause Zoom and corona that’s the only thing other than the assignments piled up in the back of your head. When did school become more important than family I ask myself? Grandpa was put on a ventilator a month ago but you can’t go see him he’s corona free but still hasn’t woken up I forget what’s even happening to him. Your family says your not around why don’t you cry for him when can I when I don’t even have a single moment to breathe heads all in books one subject to another. They tell you all you do is do school work you make it to big of a deal what can I say 11:59 is coming closer I have to go…

Posted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University