A Wake-Up Call

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a very peaceful day, at least I thought it was going to be. I had my phone on “Do Not Disturb”, for a good chunk of my day and it appeared as though nothing could disturb me or bother me in any way. After finishing up a few assignments that I had due this week, I decided to take my phone off of “Do Not Disturb” and to go for a peaceful car ride around my city. Little did I know this is where my peace would quickly end.

Maybe 15 minutes into my “peaceful” car ride and a quick stop by Chick-fil-A, I received a phone call from my manager. I immediately knew that it couldn’t be good because my manager NEVER calls me. I was right, it wasn’t good news at all. She informed me that, “all part-time employees would be losing their jobs because the company will be unable to continue to pay us while we’re away”.

If someone could physically see my heart at that moment, they would have seen it shatter as soon as I heard the news. I was devastated, I’ve had this job for nearly 3 years. I have never been laid off from a job in my entire life, so it was a new and frustrating feeling. It’s an even scarier feeling knowing that my lease will be up at the end of July and I will be graduating in the next few weeks.

I cried.. tears of hurt, frustration, and overall fear of what was next to come. After crying, I prayed. I already thought about getting a better job after I graduated, and I planned to start looking in my field. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that I could have been keeping my previous job to stay in my comfort zone. I’m trying to become more positive about the situation and use this as motivation to look for a better job. A job with better benefits, that pays more, and maybe even a job in my field. The call from my manager was so unexpected, but it could have been the wake-up call I needed to answer.