This Semester Be Rough :/

Dear Diary,

So, I would normally never do this but here we go. Going into this semester I knew things would be different to handle the COVID-19 Pandemic. But nothing could prepare any of us for this. I haven’t slept for more than an hour or two every night due to anxiety. 24/7 I’m in constant worry that I’m overlooking an assignment due to the MASSIVE overload of content being delivered to us daily. Content is sent on days that we don’t have class (I.e. weekends) without any consideration to other class times. The removal of fall and now spring break means that we’re looking at 15(!) weeks straight with only Christmas break as an offset. The depression that comes with all of this, on top of the social isolation, has pushed me caused me many, many rough days & rough nights this semester. The one thing to really shine in all of this is how much our advisors care about us. They’ve listened to any problems we’ve had and understand what we’re going through on a daily basis. So, yea, that’s where I’m at this semester.

Submitted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University