His Choice

The salty smell of the hot dog stand fills the air and reminds him that he hasn’t eaten that day.  He makes his way to a few of his favourite garbage cans hoping he will find something to fill his belly when suddenly, he notices them.   He can’t help but watch them; it’s a familiar ache in his heart that reminds him of happier times.

He sees them holding hands and laughing at a joke he cannot hear but he smiles anyway.  He’s been there before; he’s been in love.   When people pass him by, they don’t’ stop to think he had a life, that he always living a life on the streets.  He had a home, a beautiful wife, children, he had it all and now he doesn’t.

He yearns for it some days, to feel love and to have purpose in his life again.  The feeling of being lonely follows him around like a dark shadow, constantly reminding him of all he has lost.  He knows he can’t go back, he’s lost his way and quite frankly, he doesn’t want to be found anymore.

The inner streets are his home now and he can’t imagine his life any other way.   He struggles every day but that is his choice.  He lives his life his way and doesn’t have to answer to anyone.   His life is simple and there is freedom to that.  He walks his own path now…