So Close

This was never supposed to be his life.  They were so close to retirement and had plans to travel, but she fell ill and died.  Losing her was something he never thought of.  He thought she would always be there.  The pain was unimaginable. He can still see her sometimes, or so he thinks.

He turned to alcohol to numb the pain, but it quickly got out of hand.  He couldn’t stop because the pain of losing her would find its way back.   His life fell apart even more.  He lost his job and he lost his home.  He was humiliated and broken-hearted.  How could he fall so far down?  He never imagined a life like this.

He now hustles on the street and does what he can to earn a living.

He steals.

He steals items from the grocery store and sells them to the people on the street. This is how he makes his living now.

Every day, he lives with shame.  His clothes are shaggy and unwashed, his beard unkempt.  He walks by a window and sees his reflection, and he doesn’t even recognize who he is anymore…