Fighting Pretty

Feeling strong and beautiful was something I tried to do during my cancer journey. Wearing lipstick, rocking my bald head and embracing what was happening to me was something I strived to do every day.

In 2008, I was a 26-year-old girl living and working in Manhattan. I was working towards a big career in marketing, and looking for the love of my life. On December 5, the cute guy from my office (Nate) asked me on a date. On December 12, I was diagnosed with Stage 3B breast cancer, only one week after my first date with Nate.

After telling Nate the news, he was incredibly supportive, shaved his head and stood by me through it all. I was scared; I was nervous and I was in love.

After 2 years of treatment including a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, Herceptin and 5+ years of Tamoxifen, I learned so much about myself, and about life. I climbed the corporate ladder but it wasn’t enough. The love and support I received from those around me during my cancer journey was amazing. They helped me feel strong and beautiful. They reminded me that I was strong, I was beautiful and gave me hope that I could beat this disease! I wanted to pay it all forward.

In 2013, I started a non-profit organization called “Fighting Pretty” where we aim to help women battling cancer feel strong and beautiful during and after cancer treatment. Our main program is sending out “Pretty Packages” which are care packages that include beauty products, scarves, inspirational items and our iconic mini pink boxing gloves as a reminder to never give up, and never stop fighting pretty.

In just over 1 year, we sent 1,000 Pretty Packages to women of all ages, and all types of cancers, all over the world. The reactions and responses are astonishing. Women write to us and engage with our social platforms every day and share ways they are Fighting Pretty. We continue to try and inspire women all over the world to keep fighting and stay strong through cancer.

Now, at age 32, I am running Fighting Pretty full-time as the CEO and Founder, living in Portland, Oregon with my husband, “Nate the Great!” Yes, the same cute guy from the office.

For more information about Fighting Pretty, or to request a Pretty Package for a friend or loved one, please visit our website at