Cancer and A New York Fashion Runway

Oh, cancer!  After my initial go-round, seven and again eight years later, you decided to storm in and try to invade my space for the third time, but with a vengeance, as stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Well, this time I RISE UP! I will move mountains.

I am living my best life and encouraging others to do the same; I have chosen to dance in the rain. I have visions of seeing the world, and I am conquering that vision 1 continent at a time. 5 continents down and 2 to go. My spiritual journey for myself took me to 2 continents, 4 countries, and 11 cities for 30 days last summer.

Cancer, are you tired yet? Or,  do you think you can handle this roller coaster ride because I’m moving fast?

Last year God arranged it so that I could model for another nonprofit breast cancer organization Jill’s Wish, After the show with my son screaming at me, “This could be you!”  He said I could also be the founder of a nonprofit organization.

You see, I paused and I listened. I heard.

I have an assignment from God and there are people who need me, and to hear my story. I am now the founder of a 501(3)c called, Angel In Disguise Inc., as well as being given opportunities to speak publically to inspire and give hope to others to LIVE!

The Mission of Angel in Disguise is to help people including the general public with tasks they are unable or incapable of completing alone – to focus on breast cancer survivors and their families; aiding with lifestyle changes and hope by helping them to LIVE LIFE NOW!”

We provide transportation needs to doctor appointments, to get medicine or to run light errands to breast cancer patients. As well as offering peer support. Angel in Disguise Inc. also assists single parents with transportation needs to and from school for school-aged children as well as volunteers teaching children how to give back and serve in the community.

Metastatic Breast Cancer, God’s got plans for little ole me! Take a look at my vision with me. Angel in Disguise Inc. will increase to a fleet of cars not only in Charlotte, but all around NC and in other states to AID my VIDAS –(which means life) to appointments as well as peer support, with multiple drivers to move our fleet. We will get more sponsors, more people to serve, motivate and to give hope to LIVE NOW!

Stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer do you realize I am standing proud front of a fabulous audience thanks to people who believe in me?  Part of a movement that will be seen around the world?

Cancer, I walked the runway at New York Fashion week this year. Did you HEAR ME? Have you NOT yet realized the joke is on you, cancer?!  Another motivational speaking stage. I am using YOU, because only GOD can use me.

God directs my path even when I am unsure, afraid, or sad.

Are you watching cancer?

When the wings are in front of me, I am being carried by family, friends and the universe.

With the wings in front of me I don’t worry about the 5 year life span and that I am in year 4.

With the wings in front of me I can endure the daily pains from your foolishness.

With the wings in front of me I live now, my way, my drum beat, no grass growing under my feet.

And guess what Cancer?

These Angel wings?

When the wings are behind me I am a server;

When the wings are behind me I am an advocate;

When the wings are behind me I am a friend;

When the wings are behind me I am a provider;

When the wings are behind me I am an inspiration;

When the wings are behind me I am helping someone LIVE LIFE NOW.

You see Mr. Cancer or Mrs. Cancer whatever you call yourself… I’m still standing.

Dear Cancer,  one last thing I want to mention I AM THE ANGEL, in this STORM!