What She Hides Inside

Her smile is her mask and it hides the pain she tries to not feel but its there, if you look close enough, you’ll see it.  She’s been running away from it for 55 years now, running from what happened to her when she was 5 years old.

Her stepfather touched her in the way a man should never touch a child.  She told on him and her mother told her to keep silent and not tell anyone, so she didn’t.

She’s been a working girl for over 10 years now; her addictions led her to this path of no return.  She feels lucky to be alive every day as her work is demeaning and dangerous.

For two winters she has kept warm by candlelight.  Her home is a tarp hidden away in the trees.  Her treasured possessions are scattered safely around the block she calls her office.  How did she get here she thinks to herself every day.  How the hell did this become her life…


Photo and story by UNTOLD Contributor, Lorna Dancey.  LornaDanceyPhotography.com