A Battle Within

Dear Diary,

Over and over again, I spent my nights crying in sorrow, hoping that it will get better tomorrow. But yet when tomorrow comes I’m stuck going in a circle.  Some days I find myself with a free pass, but then I just revert back. I’m trying, I really am. But I have to figure out how to break free, from my mind and this cruel reality. I’m not sure what else I can do. Drugs get me elevated but when I come down it’s like I’m going deeper. I feel like sometimes I’m going crazy because I hold everything in. But I’m scared that if I share some of my past experiences someone will use it as revenge. My trust is messed up, my mind is too. I’m trying my hardest to let somebody in, to let my guard down and trust a fellow friend, But something won’t let me because I’m scared. And in this day and time, it’s like you can’t ask for help. Maybe one day I’ll know what it’s like to live freely. But for now, I’m fighting battles that deplete me…

Posted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University