A True Blue Perspective for the Human Race

Dear Diary,

For one of my classes, I was asked how to avoid the dreaded Freshmen 15. After thinking about the topic for some time, I began to understand that I could not offer anything that had not already been said. Even if I had, I figured it would just come across like the voice of the teacher on a “Peanuts” episode. I found I was at a loss until I redefined the question. I realized I was being asked to share my wisdom instead of my knowledge. Traditionally students come to campus to gain knowledge. Being a non-traditional student I have gained a lot of wisdom through the mistakes that I have made in life. Bad decisions come from a lack of wisdom just as much as a lack of knowledge. My non-traditional wisdom on how to avoid the dreaded Freshmen 15 throughout life – make it a period each day and every day to interact with someone that does not look like you, does not dress like you, does not act like you, or does not talk like you. By doing so, you will begin to recognize that you have far more things in common than the things that divide and separate you.