A Year In Review

Dear Diary,

Never did I expect my freshman year to look like this. Of course, never did I expect my senior year to look as it did, either. It’s almost fascinating at times to think about how the compilations of the “year in review” will look on December 31, 2020. For me, it was a strange spring which turned into a desperate summer and now I am at a new school with few friends under sometimes the strangest of circumstance. It sounds a little depressing, but it’s really not. Somehow through all this, I grew up a little. I was able to appreciate the most important things more and reassess the lesser important things that seemed to always fog my mind and my judgments. I am only 18 years old, but I feel like an old soul whom society forced me to grow up sooner than I planned to. I was all about the freshman year parties and being the social seeker. Strange or not, these last six months make me want to slow down and think harder about my future, how to make society better for the next freshman class and making kindness a motto. College is about lasting memories, but it’s the focus of those lasting memories that I want to reassess. Life has certainly challenged me with my thoughts in this chaos of society, so I receive the challenge and will strive to make whoever walks in my shadow a better place. So, here’s to my personal “Year In Review” and where I am on December 31, 2020. Bring on #TrueBlue.

Posted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University