UNTOLD is a global storytelling movement mining the unknown tales of humanity.  Consisting of dynamic photojournalism, a video series, podcast and theatrical experience, UNTOLD exposes the remarkable stories of ordinary people– giving voice to life’s diverse experiences, challenges and vulnerabilities in a mission that unites us all.

UNTOLD will capture the essence of truth in a world of unspoken and silent topics. From mobile, social, web and television, to stage and print, UNTOLD will draw in an audience craving to go deeper to discover the heart and hope of the human spirit.

UNTOLD will uncover acts of random kindness and its ripple effects and extreme compassion in a non-judgmental, non-politicized platform—just humanity at it’s best.


The Stories:  UNTOLD offers an online blog inviting every viewer to share their own stories via an online portal at UNTOLDProject.org. The diary-style entries capture the raw emotions of individual life journeys where, for a moment, you walk alongside and experience their story from their own voice.

The Series: Karen Shayne, an American cancer survivor and media personality, accompanied by social impact Canadian photojournalist, Lorna Dancey, whose ‘Scars Project’ and “State of Mind” storytelling exhibit attracted national attention, together criss-cross countries to find extraordinary stories within the ordinary, everyday lives of people and share them with the world.

The Podcasts: The UNTOLD. Podcasts shares intimate and thought-provoking conversations behind the UNTOLD Project. Each conversation showcases the fact we all have a story within us and those stories can be told to help others create a ripple effect. The UNTOLD Podcasts gives the listener and storyteller a safe place to be vulnerable and to create change in their corner of the world.

The Book: The UNTOLD Books will be a heartfelt, hopeful, and inspiring collection of visually stimulating photographs and stories capturing the spirit of life’s journeys. When these stories are bound together, they become a sort of map to help us all navigate the journey brimming with words of wisdom from people who have ‘been there.’  Like the blog, The UNTOLD collection of books will light a pathway. Each story will encourage a beacon of hope for others to follow by sharing insights and lessons learned to ultimately inspire.

The Live Show:  UNTOLD LIVE! is a nationally touring event combining the threads of individual stories gifted to the hearts of every audience member. UNTOLD. Live! breaks through the traditional stage production and offers a unique theatrical experience, engaging audiences in the unexpected blend of art, spoken word, poetry, music and thought-provoking conversations.

The Exhibit: This exquisite exhibit captures the essence of the UNTOLD truth in a world of unspoken and silent topics and to give people a safe place free of judgment to talk about their experiences.  Like the other facets of UNTOLD, it provides opportunities to allow individuals to use their voice and finally be heard, to inspire hope, compassion and change, to educate and raise awareness through storytelling.