Becoming An Advocate and Ambassador

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a lumpectomy and radiation and regular visits with my Oncologist.  Being diagnosed and treated was two different animals that has defined my life, my view on life, and my today’s’ action in living life to its fullest and alerting others in a positive way to be proactive when it comes to breast cancer.  Inadvertently, I have become an advocate and ambassador for Breast Cancer in two ways.

First, I have created a group of ladies that are called the Traveling Angels and we distribute monthly gift basket for healthy edible and no edible and healthy items to women affected by breast cancer.  Our motto, “No Woman Walks Alone”.  Each month receives the basket and signs the basket before passing it on to another recipient.   The basket travels with much love and energy for the next recipient.  We visit wherever the ladies are.

Secondly, I have written a play called “And Still I Rise-For The Rainbow Ladies Who Chose Life When Death Knocked” which will be produced for Breast Cancer Month in the Los Angeles area.  And Still I Rise are true stories of breast cancer champions.  The purpose of the play is edutainment. Our desire is to highlight the plight of many dealing with breast cancer while encouraging all affected or know someone affected to fight for their life and know that they are not alone.

I had no one there for me when I went through breast cancer and was afraid to tell for fear that many would bury me alive so I survived in silence and am determined that not one lady thereafter should have to suffer in silence, like myself.   Many a day I walked with a heart filled with tears but kept a smile on my face.  Wearing a mask is not easy, because behind it you cry for help but no one notice you.  I refuse to allow any lady that I know to suffer like this.  This doesn’t help breast cancer but adds to the woe of having had  breast cancer.

Giving back, gives me life when a way that only giving allows.  The ladies lives that we have touch thus far has been such a great joy to see their painful faces light up upon the arrival of the Traveling Angel Gift Basket.  Also, “And Still I Rise” is generating such a following which confirms the necessity of a play of the nature.  This play is going to heal ladies, families, children and all others affected directly or indirectly.

Lastly, this is my new life, seeing that no woman walks alone and with love all things are conquerable, possible for a better life and education is key.