BIG Difference Between Worry and CARE

Dear Diary,

Is there a difference between worrying about others and genuinely caring for them? Often being a black 6’3″ man in America I must be overly aware of my surroundings and unfortunately account for other people’s biases while simply trying to live my God given life. For instance I was hired as a US Census Enumerator for the 2020 decennial count. At orientation the only identification we were given was a lanyard that has US Census Bureau on it an identification card attached. We were given a single cardboard placard to paste on our windows. I thought to myself you expect me to drive door to door in rural Tennessee with only that? My mother taught me no one else will think about your safety especially being a black man in America. I have one life, sorry or I apologize won’t be enough for my mother (I am her only son) because some coward felt threatened by my skin color while never meeting or having a conversation with me! I took matters into my own hands I had a friend screen print me some shirts that said US Census Bureau in big white letters on them, I went to the library made copies of the cardboard paper and had them laminated. Before every shift I would have my t-shirt on (blueish color like a sailor’s uniform,) so that if color was your focus you should be able to spot this American blue before my skin tone. I would have laminated copies on both rear windows the front windshield and the rear! I can’t count the amount of times I was told before I even got out of my car not to step another foot. I can’t count the hateful suspicious stares of people passing by WORRYING about what I was doing without ever CARING for me. I had a guy pass me by three times I was on a rural road with my flashers on preparing for my next couple of visits. On his third approach he rolled down the window and asked “Can I help you?” As if I needed a reason to exist as if he was blind and couldn’t see the notices on my windows, the letters on my shirt, the lanyard around my neck! I’ve had a long day he wasn’t the first person to stare or make me feel uncomfortable for doing my job (a government one at that.) My response was direct and without passiveness I rolled down my window looked him in the eyes and told him “NO you can help me by minding your business and stop WORRYING about others!” He then proceeded to tell me he was only “concerned” for me? I laughed as he pulled off his feelings hurt because I am no coward and I am unafraid! CARE or concern as he stated would have been him asking “Are you OK?” “Do you need help?” “Is everything alright? I’ve seen you with your flashers on may I be of service to you?” It wouldn’t require him to drive around me three times each time staring harder and harder, CARE would have stopped the first time! I say all this to say we as human beings made in the image of God should work every day to CARE for others and to worry about them less! The world this country would be a much better place!