Stix and Stones may break your bones but words can really hurt you…


UNTOLD Originals, a global storytelling platform is on a mission to heal the pain caused by bullying behavior.


In the Summer of 2020, UNTOLD Originals will be filming a new television episode consisting of Middle School aged kids sharing their personal stories of being bullied.  Bullying is epidemic and all too many kids have experienced being ridiculed, ostracized, and even physically attacked.  This behavior renders kids feeling worthless, hopeless and broken. All too often the bully has also been the target and we want those stories too. This is a platform to make amends. Be a part of this ground-breaking film series and encourage your child to share their story.


The UNTOLD: Stix and Stones episode will premiere on Chicken Soup for the Soul’s new streaming network on Crackle.  For more information and to submit your story, please visit


It’s time for your stories to be TOLD. Let one voice heal many.