Are You A Mom?  Do You Know A Special Mom?
If so, We Need You To Tell Us! 


UNTOLD  is currently looking for Mom’s and their child/children of any age for a special filming.

SYNOPSIS: It takes a brave woman to talk about her fears and vulnerabilities in a voice that can be heard outside of her own thoughts.  To somehow find the courage and lift the veil of self-doubt to speak about truth in a world that is still, prone to silence.  Based on Lorna Dancey’s Project “Through Hers, Through Theirs”, this film project features the heart to heart conversation with a mom and her child.

If you are a Mom or you know of a Mom with an amazing story to share and you are interested in participating in this episode, please send us an email and your story on the “Submit your story” page.

Filming tentatively planned for late Summer 2020.