From global stories on film and podcasts, to curating or LIVE storytelling events, our UNTOLD team is dedicated to produce and share engaging, beautifully-crafted stories that honor the spirit of the human existence.


The UNTOLD Team 


Karen Shayne, Host/Executive Producer
Nashville, Tennessee

Karen is a former healthcare administrator and cancer survivor.  She began her work in production by creating award-winning healthcare segments for Nashville based CBS and NBC.  She was also featured in HuffPost, AOL/Yahoo, People Magazine, Nashville Business Journal, Hope For Women Magazine, The Doctors Channel, Healthline, and ABC Chicago. Karen also hosted a radio show on Salem Media Network. In 2012, Karen created the Women Survivors Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit with the purpose of establishing a network where women affected by cancer can find their voice, improve their quality of life, and embrace their journey.  Today, Karen travels around the country finding stories that inspire and motivate.  She also is the Publisher of Unconditionally Her and serves as Executive Producer of UNTOLD. Karen has been recognized for multiple awards ranging from 2011’s Health Care Hero by the Nashville Business Journal and the 2003 Small Business Council of America’s “Humanitarian of The Year” award. Simply, Karen has proven understanding every aspect of a survivor because she is a survivor. Karen’s extensive background in media production has lead to the creation of the UNTOLD project. Now it is her passion to find provocative, yet inspiring stories in hopes one life can be moved to change their corner of the world.


Lorna Dancey, Host, Photojournalist, Producer
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Lorna Dancey is a photographer, writer and storyteller. Her work is poignant and the compelling projects she creates are visionary and compassion based.  Lorna invests herself deeply and sees beauty in others when they do not have the ability to recognize it within themselves. She is an artist who is determined to bring our communities together for a kinder and gentler place to be. Lorna’s work spans, supports and celebrates many diversities:  cancer survivors, mothers, homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, burn survivors, LGBTQ, and post-traumatic stress disorder, only to name a few.  Her photos are powerful—intimately reflecting and expressing each person’s story.   The plight of others and determination to help each, and every person through her lens and storytelling lays the foundation for her work. Her work doesn’t stop here—she engages with local social service agencies and helping organizations with the intent of building a powerful community to inspire ripples of change.   With each initiative she creates, she works tirelessly advocating for the rights of others by sitting down with people and listening.  She then begins her process on behalf of each person and writes out their story and takes a photo to represent their story giving their silenced voice a platform to be heard.  These lived experiences that we all can resonate with in one way or another, not only raises awareness, but they build a bridge and invites a sense of unity among our communities to inspire hope and healing.  Lorna has created many exhibits, including the powerful “State of Mind” project intended to raise awareness for mental health.  The exhibit ignites conversations, challenges stigma, and inspires compassion and change.