Dear Diary,

This past year has been really hard between everything that has gone on especially the pandemic. I have been trying my best to follow all of the precautions only for people who I thought I respected to tell me that it doesn’t matter or constantly make excuses for their lack of concern. I made the decision to leave my job of several years because all I heard all day long was how masks don’t work, the virus is no big deal, it’s just the flu, the vaccine is dangerous, we can’t trust the CDC, etc. The environment just became more toxic as the election closed in and police brutality matters were discussed or really ‘dismissed’. Between the new school adjustment stress and my toxic workplace I was at my end and could tell it was draining my mental health. Though things have calmed down some, I still find myself bitter seeing people be so reckless on social media during a pandemic. I haven’t been able to hug, go out to dinner, or just hang out with my friends for over a year now but to everyone else it’s just another day. People constantly tell me I’m doing too much or that I’m a COVID freak but I’m literally just following the guidelines that we’re all supposed to be following. It’s so draining being inside my house 24/7 for work/school and I want to get back out just like everyone else but I’m not willing to risk my or anyone else’s safety to do so. I hope we can get back to normal soon so I can start liking people around me again, though I feel like I’ll never forget their actions.