Dear Mr. President

Dear Diary,

I am a surburban black woman.  I have a wonderful husband and two boys, ages 8 and 10.  I returned to school to show my sons no matter what age you are, you can be what you want to be. My husband and I made a commitment when we had children, we would share everything as a family.   I am a woman and mother of faith.  Until COVID-19, I took my children to church.  We, as a family, worshiped together.  I taught my boys – and at times DRILLED  – the Golden Rule –  into the fibers of their being.  We are like the modern day Waltons and the Reagan Family from Blue Bloods.  We eat together every night and we share our feelings, allowing the conversations to enrich our lives and faith.


This evening, my sons were “helping” me with my schoolwork as I helped them with theirs.  As young boys do, they got into a spat.  And then it happened – my worse nightmare.  The argument escalated and the uncharacteristic name calling began.  What hurt the most is it wasn’t one son against the other. It was about a conversation from school.  Today my sons told me their class decided they didn’t need to be kind to other because that’s just America now.   It was all about winning.  No one cared.  My young sons told me no one believes in all I have taught them.  They asked me why should they pray anymore.  My heart was broken.  Clearly, this had been festering in their hearts for some time.   When I asked where it was coming from,  the two words that came from their mouths reduced me to tears – our President.  My youngest asked me, “Mom, if Mr. Trump loses, will people start being kind again?”


Mr. President, please.  If you win again, whether you win big or narrowly escape, I ask you to find it in your heart to realize there are impressionable boys who desperately want to look up to you.  Please stop the name-calling.  Please stop the bullying.  Please stop the madness of your language and your uncontrollable urge to always be right.  Mr. President, I write to you in tears and in fear for my two sons.  Please examine your character and please examine your heart.  Please realize you are undermining my desperate attempts to be a good mom and a woman of faith by casting a negative cloud into these young, impressionable minds.  America needs you to be strong, but the families of America need you most to be objective and honorable, but also kind in your speech and language.   You are the most influential person in the world.  For you, that is the ultimate win. But for mom’s like myself,  your ultimate God-given responsibility to be a man of character.  Please consider your behavior if you remain in the White House.  America needs your honor, Sir.


While we wait to see what our future holds, know I will be praying for you.  And when all this is over, I ask you to please pray for my young sons and all the young sons under your influence right now.  We need you, Mr. President.  I thank you for your time.


Most Sincerely,
A Suburban Black Woman