Dear Diary,

At the beginning of this semester, I was ready for the online courses because I thought they would be like last semester. Unfortunately, I was wrong. This semester has been so stressful because of the workload and I guess because we are not in-person classes. I am a hands-on learner, so these online Zoom meetings are just not working out for me. I understand that some professors cannot help this semester because they have guidelines that they need to follow. I used to be depressed when I was in high school, and now i feel like its back because one I don’t have my family with me and two professors think that because classes are online that they can assign homework or readings just whenever they want to. I do not think that some of these assignments are necessary especially when we are not interacting in person. I hate to feel this way because everything should not be this stressful, and I have not even started my major courses. Gen eds are the worst classes to take in my opinion.