Dont Be Afraid To Try Again

Dear Diary,

I have always enjoyed being engaged in hands-on learning experiences, other than in class settings. During my sophomore year, I applied to a prestigious internship. I really wanted to get this internship, and it would work out perfectly since it is in the summer. I was going to be able to work in a billion-dollar business. Sadly, I never heard from the organization. Towards the end of school that year I realized that I did not get that internship. I definitely was crushed, but I did not allow that to get my spirits down. The next year I knew I was going to try again. However, this time I was going to come out a lot stronger. I remade my resume, cover letter, and got some more references. I already had the experience, from working my side job I worked in college. So this time it was three years of that experience instead of two. Once I applied for the second it took a while before I heard something back from the organization. Although it took some time I finally heard back from them. They informed me that I got an interview that I needed to get it scheduled. I got it done as quickly as possible and nailed the interview. I was notified that I got the internship and that I would start in the summer!!!

Posted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University