Don’t Judge

Her 2-year-old son has lived much of his young life in the hospital due to a rare heart condition. Because of this, she has developed secondary Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Through avoidance of her thoughts and triggers, she has also developed Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). All of these disorders consume her time and she doesn’t have to be alone with her thoughts.

When she is forced to face her triggers, which can be anyting ranging from hospital hand sanitizer to pieces of clothing, her anxieties come out in the form of a hair pulling condition called, Trichotillomania. For her, the relief comes in the form of pulling out her eyelashes and eyebrow hair. 

She is learning to cope and deal with everything and it’s a daily battle. She constantly has to remind herself her thoughts are not her feelings and it’s ok to be what they are in her mind. 

She feels that talking about her son’s story helps her but talking about her Mental health, lifts the weight of the world off her shoulders. It’s not a quick fix but talking and sharing makes her feel less alone and that is the first step to recovery… 

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