Election Night

Dear Diary,

As you all know it is election night and no telling what the outcome will be. I’m not the one to be too policital, but I am going to touch on this election a bit. It makes no sense that this election has caused this much stress, fear, and anxiety among young people. I am honestly nervous for this turn … I am hoping for nothing but the best. I pray that we don’t have a president that clearly doesn’t care about America (that is just my opinion though, and I am sure you all know who I am referring to). But this whole election has been rough. From watching the presidental debates and going out to vote. Seeing all these things on social media about how Trump supporters are acting, it is ridculous. Lord I pray for better days. It feels like history is repeating itself in some ways… But that’s all I have to say for now. I don’t want to go too deep..