Eternally Broken

As she was led down a cold and sterile hallway, she looked down to avoid the harsh florescent lights that hurt her swollen eyes, “This isn’t happening she thought to herself, how can this be happening when I just saw you”? Her body trembling and in shock, she waited for them to bring her twin sister in. They pulled back the blanket and she saw her. Her eyes were closed and there was a small cut on her forehead that did nothing to indicate the severe trauma her body endured from the horrific impact that stole her life in an instant. With tears that flowed down her cheeks, she whispered, “I love you, please don’t go” but of course it was too late. Her sister couldn’t hear her and those words had no meaning because she was already gone. 

She had a beautiful soul, she was a sister, wife, daughter and a mother who was the glue that held her family together and without her, they are eternally broken, all because one man decided to drive while high on marijuana. 

He made a choice that day, he got into his vehicle stoned and smashed into the back of her sisters SUV driving at a speed of over 200km/hr. He hit her vehicle so hard; it was tossed into the air and slammed back down. Her neck was broken, she suffered severe brain trauma and the right side of her body was crushed. They told her, she died on impact. She desperately holds on to the thought that her sister didn’t suffer. 

As he awaits trail, he is a free man. He has yet to spend one day in jail for the damage he has caused and they still have to see him walk around in the same town as they live in. 

That man made the decision to get behind the wheel of his vehicle and in doing so, changed their world forever. Her sister now rests for an eternity in a box that sits on a mantel…

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