Faded Memories

She remembers teaching her how to ride a bike, how so very proud of her daughter she was when she finally got the hang of it.

She doesn’t blame the system for taking her away; she knows it’s for the best.  She can’t look after her right now and maybe, just maybe her little girl will have a better life than the one she was giving her.

Her addiction is more powerful than anything and it’s the only thing she wants and needs, the only thing she cares about anymore.

She lives on the streets now and all she has of her little girl are fading memories.  She’s starting to forget how she smelled, and the sound of her voice when she called her mommy.

Once in a while she finds herself walking past their old home and believe or not, the bikes are still there.  She lets herself go back in time and can hear her giggles or maybe that’s just the wind playing tricks on her, she doesn’t know anymore.

She believes there is still hope for her and that one day she will want that perfect life back, but for now she isn’t strong enough to shed the life that has taken over her…


Story & Photo by Lorna Dancey