Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Dear Diary,

Follow the yellow brick road they say. Well, I followed it… I completed my gen ed’s. I chose a major that I enjoyed. I picked the classes I wanted for the semester. I organized my schedule to fit my work/social life. I did everything I could to be prepared for this semester. Yet I still feel like I’m drowning. I haven’t done anything fun or productive other than schoolwork for the last month. I feel like my days are on repeat – wake up, answer emails, sit in a Zoom call, do homework, study, work, sleep, repeat. I can’t seem to escape this loop of torture. It’s been 1 month into the semester and I have already had 7 (way to many) all-nighters just to hit deadlines. Even with all this work my grades don’t reflect the amount of effort I have put into these classes. Sometimes I just want to break. Although I don’t know how I haven’t yet. Maybe I don’t want to let my parents down? Maybe I don’t want to let myself down? I don’t know. All I know is I have to finish out this semester. ← that’s the goal right?? I don’t even know anymore. -Send coffee .-.