For The Better

Dear Diary,

Life is very overwhelming. While I’m glad I moved up here to seek independence, it’s not working out like I thought it would. People I knew I’d be friends with forever no longer speak to me. I can’t find a job. I hate online courses. I don’t know my purpose or why I’m here. And the worst part about it is that none of this is in my control. All I can do is keep looking for work and keep pushing these classes. It feels very lonely. While I understand God puts us through seasons, I’m tired of them. I want stability in my life for once. But again it’s not in my control. While I keep thinking all of this is for me to grow, I don’t know what I’m growing into. As a person who can’t stand not knowing the answer to everything, I’m very uncomfortable. I guess I’ll just have to pray that it all works out for the better.