Forever A Fighter

5 years Ago I joined a wonderful group of people I now consider family. Live Like Liz, a group dedicated to a young girl with the same cancer I was diagnosed with. I learned that she was a warrior. In her honor 2 educational scholarship awards are given to exceptional students each year. I have had the privilege to be half of the 2 person committee who chooses the winners for the past five years. I have read some where in the midst of 100 something essays. I have heard a vast array great stories and decided on many very deserving candidates.

This year, my 5th year, (an odd survivor milestone of sorts), proved to be a monumentally special experience. The work came easy. I was QUICKLY enthralled. I was brought to tears. Sincerely an emotional piece of work I was holding my hands. Another WARRIOR from Watkins. 150% guaranteed winner. I was straight up confronted by an ANGEL I could feel the love through the printer ink. A rare glimpse into the master mind of a HERO HIS Story in HIS words. (Mind you the applicants names remained anonymous up until a month ago).. I was excited to know who it was. find out more about the author of this impeccable essay. I finally learned. DEVON SHAW.

To those that know them I need not explain. to those that don’t I will. A LEGITIMATE fighter, hero, and Angel on earth. I was so incredibly happy to know he would get the money and work towards his dreams of coaching soccer. Well ya know what.?! He died this week. And it really messes me up. And rendered me Angry! there is NO reason he had to go now!! The only possible explanation I even remotely conjure up is the fact we need more light in this world of DARKNESS. and that he is,PURE LIGHT, sunshine, rays of golden, LIFE, the stuff that makes us warm and all the flowers grow! For him I smile. Because he directly told me that is what he wants the world to do. An 18 year old kid. WHO GETS IT. WAKE UP WORLD! Smell the folgers! or six bucks or whatever. LIVE YOUR LIFE. Be who YOU are. This is your FINAL warning. Spoiler alert!!!!!! A lot of people won’t make it out! Not even a SINGLE person. Quit crying whining and bitching. forgive each other. laugh a lot. hug one another. pick up that phone and call the ones you TRULY belong to. remind them you care, and that one day when your not there, and cant come back. you will forever care. I know i will.

This ones for you Mom I love you and dad so much RIP devon. Forever your fellow fighter!!!