From Patient to Publisher

Breast cancer taught me that I wasn’t powerless and there were ways I could empower myself to make a difference in my own healing experience. It taught me get clear within myself what my priorities were and to make decisions that aligned with my top five priorities for my life. I also learned that the greatest force on earth is the gathering of women who know they can make a difference – they reach out to others in their time of need – and these wonderful women are the faces and voices that are changing the world. They are my heroes. My second chance at life was a personal gift…. it taught me that I was more than a diagnosis, and more than the identity of the large beautiful breasts that used to be part of my silhouette. It taught me I could love myself and others in more enriching ways than my physique. It continues to teach me compassion and kindness.

One of the biggest surprises from the experience was that it taught me that I could step out of my comfort zone – actually go out on a big limb — and with little experience of publishing… that I could start a national publication from scratch… the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine was created to share the encouragement and wisdom from other women who have walked the breast cancer healing journey before us. It taught me life is a gift and that is precious…handle it with love.