Goodbye Old Friend

He didn’t know until later on in his life the man that stared back at him in the mirror every morning was destined to be a her.   She peered out from behind him hidden in the dark shadows waiting for him to take notice of her.  She was patient and let him take his time realizing who he was born to be.

If you ask him, he will tell you, there were signs along the way but nothing that stood out drastically.  He never fully realized that he wasn’t living his authentic self, but as the signs grew stronger, he started to pay attention to them.

He began to wear woman’s clothing but in a modest way to not attract unwanted attention.   As he started to trust in himself and the choices he was making, he learned this was the right thing to do for himself.  He then realized he needed to be her in all aspects of his life and not just some parts hidden away.

He began to grow his hair out and wear makeup.  He allowed himself to be photographed and posted the photos online.  With each new step, he put a greater distance between the person he had been living as and the true person he needed to be.  He has now transitioned into her and she couldn’t be happier.

Now it is him that looks at her from within the dark shadows.  She has said goodbye to him and he is truly so proud to see her shine.   It is her reflection in the mirror that stands proud and he can tell she is happy, because that smile she now wears on her face is everything…

Photo and story by UNTOLD Contributor, Lorna Dancey.