Dear Diary,

Last fall one of my closest friends passed away in a tragic accident. He was my brother. I considered him a family member. I was closer to him than my own biological brother. When he passed, it was a pain I never experienced before. I never felt so angry and so hurt in my life. A wonderful person was no longer in my life. Even though I had lost numerous family members before, I had never experienced such a close loss like this. My friends took it pretty hard as well and through it all, we have helped each other progress, but that still does not mean it is not hard. The stages of grief are very real and I have allowed myself to go through them. I have also softened my heart toward God. For the longest, I was angry at him, for taking my brother away. It is not easy but every day I push through. I cherish all the memories, videos, and pictures dear to my heart. His spirit continues to live on and he will always be missed. He taught me that 2 1/2 years can equal a lifetime. I thank God that I was allowed to meet such a wonderful brother like him. Hopefully, my testimony can let someone know that they are not alone and you can overcome grief by going through it.