Growing Apart

Dear Diary,

I’ve spent so much time investing myself into a relationship that was going no where. I wasn’t happy and it seemed like I only wanted to make things work because of the history we previously shared together. High school sweethearts, we had our future plans all planned out. We discussed going to college, being established in our careers, getting married, and even having children one day. Sounds amazing right? Well things don’t always go as we plan in life. College added distance between us and made us grow apart. Argument after argument, it began adding additional stress on top of juggling class work and multiple organizations on campus. I was being drained mentally and emotionally every time we talked. Recently I decided that enough was enough and decided to end my on and off relationship with my ex. My ex continues to try and come back in my life from time to time, but I am happy to move forward without looking back. Since then I have been seeing nothing but growth in my life. Initially I thought this decision would break me, but actually it ended up being the decision I needed to help me build myself back up. I have learned that doing what’s best for you isn’t selfish, it’s self care.