Her Faith

After a two-year battle with cancer, God is calling her home.


Her breast cancer has metastasized to her brain.   She has done everything she could and has fought for two years with strength and courage.  Her faith is what keeps her from drowning from the realization that life is going to go on without her.


She wanted a special place in her yard for her children to have to be close to her.  As a family, they picked out a tree in her favorite color to symbolize rest and a safe place for them to connect with her whenever they need.  Some of her ashes will be spread at the base of the tree as well as a bench for the kids to sit and think of her.


As she prepares herself to say goodbye to those she never thought she would be without she realizes she’s not afraid to die.  She has finally made her peace and she spends her days with her 3 children, husband, family and her friends.  She is making the most of each moment filling their hearts with cherished memories.  She is writing letters, wrapping gifts, shopping with her sister and eating her favorite pie for breakfast.  She has picked out pearls for her daughters to wear on their wedding day and her son gets her wedding ring for his special day.  Not a day goes by without love being the focus and she celebrates life with them every day.


The tumor affects her more and more each day and she finds herself tired, so she takes a rest in her favorite lazy boy chair.  She looks around her home, at her family and smiles to herself.  She knows her children will be ok; they are very loved and cared for.  She knows they will never forget her because she has left a piece of who she is in each of them.  Her family and friends will talk about her and remember her; they will share stories and all the wonderful memories they have all made.

Her heart is full and she closes her eyes to rest   She is leaving behind so much love for them to hold onto and that love will last them their lifetime.