How Dare You

Dear Diary,

How dare you say you “want me” but when you get me you act like you’re not really interested. You say that you would give me the world but the plan is to sweet talk me. If you have no intentions in dating me or getting to know me for real, just leave me alone. I was better off by myself, but you had to make me think that you really cared when in reality you didn’t. I am so sick of having my feeling taken for granted. This generation is full of men that just have one goal. It sucks because I have an old soul. I long for a real connection but there is no connecting when people don’t know how to communicate. I can’t believe I fall for the little lies all the time. Men thinking that they can say anything they want just to boost your head up. NOT AGAIN. I am tired of the same old cycles and I swear it will not happen again. That’s a promise…

Posted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University