I Can’t Get My O Thanks To Covid

Dear Diary,

Are you surprised that I’m bringing up sex? Yes? No? Hahaha whatever. I don’t care. The struggle is REAL and I’m gonna tell you all about it! Alright look, sex is a big part of college life. Shocker right? Hahahaha. Ok all jokes aside, sex is a major part of the college experience. This is true. However, that fact is only a piece of the entire pie. The reality is, not everyone explores sex in the same manner nor with the same intensity. It’s popular belief that all students explore sex as much as they can everyday; when in actuality, most explore sex at a moderate pace…weekly to monthly. In fact, some are afraid to explore and try to hide their curiosity. There are even students who feel indifferent to the topic of sex—they simply haven’t thought about it and in effect are never curious or desiring. That is definitely not me!!! COVID has impacted my life in the most COLOSSAL way! It has restricted me from using my natural gifts and charisma to lift up my community; and more importantly, I CAN’T HAVE SEX. I can’t cuddle, I can’t give oil massages, I can’t even hug anymore. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Dude sex isn’t everything,” and yes you’re very right. Life is much MUCH more than sex. But do you know what is a BIG part of life is? Two words, Physical contact and close proximity. Those two important factors of human psychology are applied to all of our romantic, platonic, and distant relationships. In most of our greetings, we touch with a fist-bump, hug, hand-shake, or a high-five. In our conversations to get someone’s attention or give them good reassurance, we will touch their shoulder, upper arm, upper back and (if you all are sitting next to each other) their upper knee. We touch all the time, it’s part of our nature and to fight that hurts. It hurts a lot. But just because I’m hurting doesn’t mean I’m suffering completely. Because actually, I have picked up a few good habits: studying outside of my college requirements, physical fitness, calling and video chatting with more people, and taking up a leadership roles for my classmates in all six of my classes. So if you’re reading this just know that the existence of hardship and hurting in your life does not mean that your life is terrible. Acknowledge the good things in your life—major or minor—they are all important!!!