I Finally Have Hope

Dear Diary,

I finally have hope. The stress with this election and the horrific behavior from so many (on both sides) has almost been too much to me while I am trying so hard to keep my head above water with staying safe and away from COVID, working and getting my classwork done on time. I’m in my junior year and I am really taking my classes seriously, but this bat-shit craziness in this world has almost derailed my future hopes.

Honestly, I am proud of America for standing up, getting up and voting. I want to live in a country that people are proud of. We don’t need divisiveness in society, we need hope. Today, I started to breathe again. The election is over. Now, let’s get this virus under control, get America healthy, get the world open, feel safe about congregating once again, get back to church in real person, and let’s all get happy again. I have hope today that one day might happen again. Let’s stay in this together and love each other again.