I Found My Inner Aphrodite!

Hearing the words, “You have breast cancer” came out of the blue. An intuitive friend had suggested getting my female parts checked out so I made a medical appointment and a small lump was found. I was 37, single and my biological clock was ticking very loudly. In a wink I was on the roller coaster of making big treatment decisions fast.

Back then the treatment protocols weren’t standard so I had lots of second opinions and heard lots of different advice. Ultimately I made the decisions that felt right to me. Having my breasts altered left me feeling like “damaged goods” and that my future was set ~ I knew I’d be single, alone and that my love life was over. Who would want someone so damaged? I had a lot of inner work to do to find acceptance, forgiveness, love and self-esteem, and there were no good resources for that related to cancer. So I searched and searched, read books, attended support groups and workshops and dug deep inside myself for courage and resources I never knew I had.

While I was still in treatment, I met the man who later became my husband. We had a miracle baby, who turned 20 this year, and I knew that my life was ahead, not behind me. I realized that I’m more beautiful and sexier than before and that I have an Inner Aphrodite ~ the goddess of beauty, love and sexual rapture. Since then I’ve supported many friends on their cancer journey. I listen to their stories, hold their hands, shower them with love and do what I can to help them heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the trauma of cancer and treatments.

Two years ago I wrote a book about finding your Inner Aphrodite on the cancer journey. I give weekend retreats for women and couples called Sexy After Cancer. People come in feeling sadness, grief and fear about their intimate and sexual lives, and they leave with tools for building bridges into greater intimacy and love and, most importantly, hope! We all need places where we can share our stories, ask questions, learn from others on the journey and talk about tender subjects with others who may have had similar experiences. This is how we can heal inside and out, get inspired and know that we are the architects of our lives. Knowing this is the key to the Queendom of creating your life as you’ve always hoped it could be.

I’m thrilled to play my part in helping people turn their cancer trauma into the doorway into happiness, love and deep satisfaction. We all have an inner goddess or other archetype ~ it’s simply a matter of finding her and waking her up so that she can thrive. Here’s to the Aphrodite in you!