I Want To Feel Like Everything’s Normal Again

Dear Diary,

I hate and love online classes; I originally took distance learning classes because of the need for work and life balance. It helps me with schedules but it doesn’t help with my social life. To be honest, I am a shy person and I do not go out already, but covid-19 is making it worse. I just wish there was a group chat where students could say a little something to cheer someone up like a little “good morning!” or some random words of encouragement every day. I just feel like something needs to be changed about education overall though because the country is falling apart. The protests have brought a lot of attention to problems we have in society from racism to poverty, lack of programs to unemployment. I feel like we have to pay the most attention to education because it will help the country in the long run. I feel like fewer people are going to have the means to afford basic necessities and we as students can’t do anything about it. Tennessee is already very poor and it’s depressing seeing state representatives act immature and racist.

I just feel helpless, last election I could not even begin voting because I lived hours away from my residential address and first-time voters have to vote at their home address, which I feel is a form of voter suppression of young people. It’s disappointing to see so many immature and unprofessional people who exist in this country and especially those who are supposed to be “leaders.” I just want to say that even though I voted this year, I still feel like everything is hopeless because America is going down the drain and we have one of the poorest people even though we are supposed to be a developed country. And I feel like no one really understands anything and does not bother to learn basic facts about their own country. Overall, I just wish that we had better gov. programs and less corruption. But I am glad that since May, we learn more about who did what in the past whether it was racist or something else.

It’s not political to talk about general problems that have been going on in the country and people need to accept that. We should talk more about these issues and work together to make changes in our state.

We need to band together like fanbases to get more influence on other people and the people outside our community so that more people in our government know that we want change –  it’s not about the people in power; students and teachers and citizens should have a say too. It’s a basic right. I know I said before that I felt helpless but I always try and be more positive. I think that we can still do something about the future. Let’s all remember to vote. Let’s fight for our basic rights, fight for more peace and fight against corruption.