I’m Graduating Next Week!!!

Dear Diary,

I’m graduating next week!!! I am super excited, nervous, anxious, and all of the above lol. It’s been a long hard four years. I’ve lost a couple of friends and made some even better ones. I tell you nothing was worst than my junior year, but I survived it. I am beyond proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I’ve been involved on campus , i worked throughout my college years, and I’ve learned more about myself (what I like and dislike). I feel like my live is a movie sometimes. Graduating college is my greatest accomplishment because I never thought I would make it through college. I’ve doubted myself a lot and at the same time I have worked my butt off. College is not for everyone, I can say that, but as long as you keep pushing things will work out. The scariest thing about graduating is life after college. I have heard many people, some of them my friends, talk about post graduation depression. I am not ready for it but I know it’s coming. See the thing about college is, they don’t tell you that you’re not guaranteed a job after you graduate. Some majors are, but most are not. Even with an internship, you’re not guaranteed a spot. That sucks right…. that’s the biggest thing I’m scared about. I don’t have a job lined up , so what am I going to do? Another thing is, say I find a really good job, will it pay me enough? I never wanted to rush this moment but now it is here. I am proud but I am scared. Being an adult SUCKSSS, and the way the system is set up , it doesn’t make anything better. I’m one of those students that have taken out major loans just to go to school, so the thought of having to pay them back once i graduate, worries me… what if i don’t have enough? Then boom, financial crisis, debt, and i won’t be able to buy a house, car, etc.. due to poor credit…you see how this can become depressing real quick? I just pray I’m successful everyday. I think about my future a lot… i didn’t come to college for nothing and now it’s time to grind even harder. I know life is hard but i just pray to make it day by day….