Dear Diary,

It gets hard to read after a while. Ya know when you’ve done way too much homework for one day and you have a couple of more questions to answer before you can wrap it up… but you just can’t do it. It’s like your eyes are doing pullups and they thought they could only do 3 but they’re at 5 and if they try to do anymore their arms might fall off. You were on your last leg an hour ago and now you’re done, tapped out. So you try to lay down and finally get the sleep you need…. But what about that test tomorrow? Or that essay Wednesday? or the speech that you tried to get your other group member to do, but they had work so you decided you’ll just take it on except its due by the end of the week and you have absolutely no time to even start it much less actually give it- No, there is no chance of sleep tonight. Instead, you’re staring at your dorm ceiling paralyzed by responsibility. Smothered by your own thoughts and expectations and completely doomed to sleep at a decent hour. That is me, every single night.