It’s A Time To Heal

Dear Diary,

It’s a time to heal. To hear those words from our first woman headed to the second highest office in the land created so many emotions inside me. For the first time I didn’t just hear, but I FELT was a unification of a nation really could feel like, and it felt so good. So good, I cried.

What I have learned from this election is it’s not about one person, but about all people. A society. A society that loves, respects, and honors each other. It’s about character, humbleness, hope and true giving. That’s what I was always told America was. I have not known what America was for some time. But tonight, this painful knot I have carried in my stomach for so long is now gone and for that, I am thankful.

I have lived with my broken heart for too long. My heart hurt for so many felt they couldn’t succeed. They didn’t think they mattered or what they wanted to do would matter anymore. Some wondering if being here at school was even worth it. No one would appreciate what they did. That seemed to be a new America mentality. But tonight changed my mind about who I am and what I can be for others.

For the last few years I didn’t feel I mattered. I was a nobody and in the mind of society night never be anybody.  Tonight, I realize I do. Tonight I realize I am.  There’s a shift in the air and I love to breathe in this air of hope. Yes, there are others like me who care. I CAN ultimately make a difference. Yes, it is time for healing – all our healing. It’s an amazing time to be in America and a beautiful time to have hope.