When she walked into the room, all eyes were on her not because she was beautiful but because she just had that special something about her that She had that way about her, she lite up the room with her bubbly personality and her zest for life.  That twinkle in her eye and her smile she was everything.

She called and texted her daughter several times with no response back.  She thought she might be annoyed because she had left her a lecturing voicemail and assumed she avoiding her.  After trying to reach her daughter over the last few days without success, she drove over to her place.

She didn’t have the code to the door so she went around the house to look in her window and that’s when she saw her.  The lights were on and there were candles burning and she was curled up on the bed asleep.  She knocked on her window frantically but she didn’t move.  She tried to call 911 but it was taking too long to connect and she kept hanging up as the operator finally answered.  Her daughters roommate heard her knocking and woke up and let her in.  She ran down to her daughter apartment while her roommate called 911.

When she got to her daughter, she saw that her hands were blue and when she touched her, she was cold.  She turned her over and her face was bloody and caved in.  Her eyes were open and cloudy and there was blood over her new bedding that they had just picked out a few days before.  She had been dead for 36 hours and this image of her daughter, is burned in her memory.

She was a bubbly blonde sweet girl who was smart, kind, fun and equally beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.    She loved helping people and gave great advice, she made everyone feel important and wanted to make the world a better place by being a Social Worker but now she won’t because she snorted less than half a pill that was given to her by a local drug dealer and that pill was laced with Carfentanil and it killed her instantly.

She didn’t deserve this ending, no one does.  There was so much more she was supposed to accomplished in her life.  She had the whole world ahead of her with dreams to fulfill and to make a difference in this world but instead she’s gone and leaves behind a family that lost a piece of themselves and will never recover.