Keep Pushing!

Dear Diary,

One month ago, you couldn’t have told me that the world would have been in pure panic due to a pandemic. As of March 2020, the only Corona I knew about was the beer, now one month later it seems every news channel, radio station, and living person is talking about corona, and not the good kind. As a millennial, I’ve heard stories about the recession and how it impacted the world; however, I never knew what it felt like to be in the start of one until COVID-19 started its course. It wasn’t until I received the call from my employer stating they couldn’t afford to keep me, and that day would be my last day, did I realize STUFF GOT REAL, QUICKLY. Nowadays, my thoughts are more so on financial and mental stability. Trying to stay afloat while maintaining my grades seem harder and harder, when I can barely find or afford necessities to get me through the week. Having long talks with God, family, and friends keep me going and help me remain positive. While I am not sure what the future may hold, I remain hopeful and positive that I will be able to walk across the stage in December and be able to breathe in fresh air without a mask.

P.S.- Never will I EVER take going outside for granted.