Last Semester Surprises

Dear Diary,

During COVID-19 attempts to stay “safer at home,” being mandated to work from home, and already attending classes online, I’ve come to realize I don’t actually like my home. It took over six months of working at the dining table and being in a “funk” at work to accept I was depressed and need to change my surroundings. Work is crazy, due to a large project. School seems manageable, I have only concentration classes left and I’ve worked in the field for over 10 years. Further, I took accelerated classes this spring and summer and these are regular semester length. So I’ve added to the continuum of change by deciding to leave my partner of over 6.5 years and cultivate my own space (To include a DESK to work at). Though excited for the move, I’ll be “homeless” for nearly a month waiting on the apartment lease to begin. The business at work leaves me wondering if it’s wise to immediately begin graduate school as I intended. I’m very busy, but also very distracted.