Learning To Be His Vessel

In 2010 I went to an ENT, I was losing my voice. He had done a biopsy, said nothing was wrong. The following year was not better, just got worse. In 2011 I went to another ENT, and did another biopsy. This time a spot was found on my vocal chords. He recommended 33 radiation treatments. I completed those (never did get my voice back) and was ok for a little over a year. Then I started having an ear ache in my left ear. I told him this numerous times and he gave me ear drops. At that point I got on the internet and did some research. I found out that an earache is a sign that the cancer may be recurring.  After insisting he do another biopsy we found that for sure it had reoccurred. He sent me and my family home to think about it. He said he could do a complete removal, but if I chose a partial I would have to go to Winston. He never once showed any emotion. I even had to tell him my name and that I had STAGE 4 cancer. I wanted hope. Almost instantly I saw a commercial for CTCA. I called, set up a appointment and was headed to Newnan the end of October. Monday morning we went back to see the ENT and he wanted to know my decision. I told him that I wanted a second opinion. To make a long story short, I had to have a laryngectomy. That was in Nov. 2012 at CTCA in Newnan. Sense then, I have been wondering and asking God, “Why did you save this life of mine?”

I have volunteered at hospice; I have sat with cancer patients in the hospital, giving my testimony of salvation. I have a very dear friend that just today had re-constructive breast surgery. I have talked with her many times and I always try to ease the fear of that big “C” word. I have not yet figured out where exactly God wants to use me, nut until then I guess I will just continue doing what I’m doing now.