Dear Diary,

Sometimes I feel so alone in this world. I feel like people always ignore me. I’m that person in the group chat whose message always gets overlooked. It sucks because it makes me not want to talk to anyone and to stop reaching out, but something deep inside me won’t let me do that. I am grateful for my inner voice that helps me to stay positive, but sometimes I wonder how long that will be. I feel like no one ever really checks up on me when I always try to check up on others. Don’t get me wrong I love hearing that my friends are doing great, but I wonder how long it will take for them to check on me. Growing up I was taught to treat others how you want to be treated but I don’t ever feel like that applies to me. Maybe it’s something deeper that I’m not understanding. Maybe I expect a lot, but what’s wrong with wanting to feel appreciated? I don’t know.. I guess deep down inside I don’t really feel appreciated by people and I try to push my feelings under the rug. For instance, I remember one time I stopped talking in my friend group chat for a month just to see who would notice, and guess who did? nobody.. I’ve thought about bringing it up a couple of times, but I feel it’ll just get ignored. So, hey, what can you do? I just want to feel appreciated and not alone in this cold world.. is that too much to ask for?

Submitted by a student at Middle Tennessee State University